Automation Bart Goossens


General manager Bart Goossens Welcome to the official website of the company "Automation Bart Goossens" or "ABG". ABG is a one-man-only-company. Bart Goossens, the general manager, is a PLC-programmer since 1996. He started this company in 2005 and with succes. After being graduated as industrial engineer in high-power electrics in 1996, he started as a PLC-programmer at GTI-Electro-Thijs in Genk. At this company he did several automation-jobs with siemens PLC's (S5 and S7). After 4 years he changed jobs and became an employee of the company ASB. From 2000 until 2005, he was one of the main-programmers at Ford Genk and Ford Cologne for the new Fiesta-project. During this period, he had to program Allen-Bradley-PLC's. In Genk it were PLC5 and in Cologne PLC5000. When he became a freelance-programmer he learned the PLC-brand "Beckhoff" through an old collegue and friend of his at GTI, named Patrick Gielis. When Patrick Gielis became general manager of beckhoff Belgium, Bart got introduced to the twincat-platform to programm the beckhoff-devices. He immediately loved the way you could write a PLC-programm and now, beckhoff is the PLC he uses in 95% of the cases.


  • Beckhoff (TwinCat)
  • Siemens (S5 and S7)
  • Allen-Bradley (RsLogix
  • All kinds of HMI-packages
  • Visual Studio .net
  • All kinds of bus-communications (Profibus, Canbus, Ethercat, ...)
  • All kinds of communication-protocols (serial, ethernet, ...)

Important Customers


Govaerts-recycling in Alken creates all kinds of different end-user-products out of recycled materials


CareSolutions is an ICT-company which also provides software-solutions for it's mother-company "Armonea". Armonea is Belgian's largest company of old-people-homes and service-flats. The new sites are equipped with the domoreg-system, which uses beckhoff-devices.


Gigacom is a Swedish company with a daughter-company in Belgium and is specialized in fiber-optic materials.